2010 – Part 2…50 Years Old

We arrived in Hungary with a mixed bag of emotions – excited, nervous, confused, sad, and exhausted.

Our time at English Camp was AMAZING! We ate, roomed, talked, studied English and the Bible, loved on, and played 24/7 for 10 days with high school and adult campers. Many had never experienced daily interactions with Jesus-followers. My heart bonded with my roommate. We keep in touch and I am thrilled to be considered an honorary grandma. 

After English Camp, we drove to Great Britain with friends. It was a lovely time with well-suited traveling companions. Cathy drove, Gregg navigated, and they formulated a plan for our next destination. Erika and I sat in the back seat – enjoying the view, conversations, talking about food, and passing out snacks.

During our time in Europe, Gregg and I cried, prayed, and talked through the changes in our church. We moved to Jacksonville ten years prior to be more involved with family. Their church home had become our church home, sharing many friends, and immersed in ministries together. Gregg and I had actively participated in adult small-groups and studies, five mission trips to Peru, and missionary Sending Teams.

Gregg was intentional about being involved with our 3 nephews, leading their small groups in elementary, then middle school. Our 2 nieces had established leaders, so I started with a group of 2nd graders and moved up with “My Girls” each year through their 8th grade year.

Our lives, including vacation time, had revolved around the middle school program for the past 4 years, joining them whenever they met – on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Wednesday nights, and often weekends for retreats, special events, summer activities and all-nighters.. I hosted sleepovers, baking days, and movie marathons. Gregg did guy things including riding bikes across Florida.

Life was filled with family, friends, and children-of-our-hearts – all at this church.

It would be a huge death if we chose to leave.

2010 English Camp at Lakitalek
Gregg was on the Green Team and Kristin was on the Yellow Team
The Yellow Team – the object of this game was to collect the most objects in your team color.
Kristin teaching her afternoon Conversation Group.
Roommates! Judit is a precious woman and friend who declared me an honorary Grandma!
Oxford – Gregg, Kristin, Jennie and her son, Corwin, in front of the pub where C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, and the Inklings met. Jennie and I went to Cocoa High School together. She now lives in England.
We couldn’t go to Oxford and not go punting. We laughed so hard! Erika played it safe and stayed on land. We all tried our hand at it and stayed balanced and afloat!
Cathy and Erika having tea at Eagle and Child Pub
Loving Life at The Irish Sea!
Afternoon Tea in Canterbury. SO FUN!

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