I’m Back! February 2020 Birthday Celebrations!

My Dear Readers,

Thank you for your encouraging feedback on my birthday posts and grace while waiting for the series to be completed. I paused writing to give myself space to live in the moment and enjoy being celebrated. Coincidentally, my next post (2010) is a labyrinth of joy and grief, so I drug my feet to begin writing again. Now the pain of procrastination is worse than the pain of finding words to share.

First, an update:

February 2020 was wonderfully extraordinary. A week before my birthday, Gregg hosted a perfect-for-me celebration – an open house for family and friends to talk, eat, laugh, and relax together. I was overwhelmed with the thought and preparation he put into making the evening special, including making ten soups for a soup-flight-bar and finding a fireworks candle for the ice cream cake. My sister, Bryn, outdid herself with decorations, a photobooth, and a photo-memory album.

Friends came from near and far which deeply ministered to my heart. Mysteriously, my life felt more cohesive – a whole story in one book rather than segments – as family and friends from all periods of my life mingled together.

Basking in the glow of a wonderful party, my actual birthday was to be low-key. Mardi was unable to come from Alabama, yet a quiet heart-hope whispered, “It would be so special if she surprised me!” I was talking to Mardi on the phone when Bryn arrived to take me to breakfast. I opened the door to a huge balloon. Bryn is so festive and thoughtful! Then, when the balloon moved to the side, it revealed Mardi! My jaw dropped, dumbfounded with delight and my heart soared!

We set out for a sisters-day, filled with love, laughter, delicious food, and lots of shopping. Topping off the phenomenal celebrations, Gregg created a delicious ice cream cake, shared with family and Crazy Love friends that evening.

I am grateful to be alive, for a husband and family who love me, for the treasure of friends, and for God’s relentless love. I enter my sixties leaning into a paradigm shift, embracing the gift of being loved.