2008…48 Years Old

2008…48 Years Old

Snippets from 2008:

“The Donna,” a local race to raise funds for breast cancer research was my first half marathon (I have done three.) Walking into the expo to pick up our race packets, I promptly told Gregg that I was going to cry. It made me think of Mom and others who had battled breast cancer. Participating in the race was also emotional; a sea of pink runners, each honoring someone and protesting cancer.

2008 brought fun travel experiences. Extending a business trip to San Diego, California, we celebrated our 20th anniversary with sightseeing, a hot air balloon ride, biking down a Mount Soledad, and kayaking. It was so enjoyable that soon after, we bought bikes and kayaks.

In the fall, I sensed Jesus inviting me to return to Mending Hearts, a survivors of abuse support group at church. I had participated the year after Mom died, then changed my focus to walking through my grief. 

I was a survivor and my coping mechanisms had been heroic and necessary. But they were no longer working for me. I yearned for more healing; Mending Hearts had visibly helped a friend. Dan Allender, author of The Wounded Heart, had helped write the material. If you are familiar with that book, you know it is not an easy read. Facing painful areas of my past was difficult, yet it was the lesser of two evils; the alternative allowed ghosts to continue chasing me.

Gregg and I took our fourth ministry trip to Peru in November. Bryn and Brad were also on the team. The four of us vacationed in Cusco before joining the JFYM Team in Arequipa. The highlight was touring beautiful and amazing Machu Picchu. The Inca mysteries fascinate me – how they transported huge granite stones to the mountaintop, how they built without mortar, and their astute observations of nature, allowing them to precisely predict cyclical events such as the solstice and equinox. Machu Picchu reminds me that ancient people were not “lesser” versions of us. They were intelligent, innovative, and their hearts longed to connect with God.

We ran the 1/2 Marathon in the inaugural 26.2 With Donna – the National Marathon To Fight Breast Cancer, now known as The DONNA.
I ran for Sweet Momma
A sea of runners, mainly in pink
48 Years Old – DQ Ice Cream Cake!
Precious St. Pete friends – Jim and Mary Ann Woods (aka MAW), Dr. Ruth Perry, Gregg and Kristin
I thought I needed to be brave to this…it was so smooth! If my eyes had been closed when we took off, I’d never have realized we were moving. An elevator goes up faster than this balloon. So fun!!
Morning bike down Mount Soledad
Ready to kayak! We won’t repeat our 10th Anniversary Hawaii mistake – we rented TWO kayaks.
Pacific Ocean kayaking. That may be Dr. Seuss’ home in the background.
What else would you expect us to do when we pass a Ghirardelli store?!
Rocky, cold, Pacific Ocean beach
Breathtaking Machu Picchu, Peru!
At Machu Picchu – Brad, Bryn, Kristin, Gregg
Machu Picchu – Kristin, Gregg, Bryn, Brad
Machu Picchu with Louis, our private tour guide
Cusco, Peru
Jesus Focused Youth Ministry Team and missionaries in Arequipa, Peru
Gregg, Eric VanPelt, Eileen Felton, Cynthia Sundman, Bill Griswold, Marty Hayes, Rosalba?, Brad, Bryn, Kim DelRocco, Kim Kutsch-Hayes
Aunt Lillian, Howalds, Friends, Welchs, Wilkersons, Mr & Mrs Howald, Dad and Gladys Abell, and dogs – Addy, Lilly, and Tiger

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