2006…46 Years Old

2006…46 Years Old

Our big 2006 adventure was driving a rental car through nine European countries in eight days: Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. We began and ended our trip in Hungary; Cathy and Erika were marvelous hosts, as always.

Gregg loves languages and loves the challenge of being in a non-English speaking area. Me? That sets off my anxiety alarms. I really like control. You know, like being able to understand what a road sign says especially if it says, “one way” or “do not enter.” Europe has unposted rules such as speed limits and pre-buying a toll tag for certain roads. Don’t even get me started on traffic circles.  Cathy did a great job of giving Gregg a traffic-rules crash course.

We didn’t know how to pay Slovenia motorway tolls. Gregg stopped at a gas station before leaving Italy hoping to find out. A non-English speaker said, “Como Italia,” – pay the same as Italy. That was great fun for Gregg.

The big travel loop allowed us to connect with two sets of DTS friends as well as see God’s stunning handiwork. We had visited Brenda and Tracy in Bratislava, Slovakia with Mom. They had moved; we enjoyed seeing their new home and neighborhood. A good time was had by all eating lunch in their back yard.

We met Debbie and Dana and their daughter, Danielle, in Germany to vacation together. We visited Neuschwanstein Castle among other places as we made our way to their home in the Black Forest area. The four of us had a gelato obsession. I can neither confirm nor deny that we often felt compelled to eat gelato more than once a day. While in Kandern, we took a day-trip into France, a new country for Gregg.

From Germany, we went to breathtaking Switzerland, then on to beautiful Lake Garda in Italy. Heading back to Hungary, the traffic outside of Milan, Italy was absolutely nerve wracking and we got lost in Croatia.

It was refreshing to spend more time with Erika and Cathy, and meeting with other friends in the area. As much as I enjoyed the gelato, I am partial to Hungarian food – fruit soup, Chicken Paprikash, their bread, and anything that Erika cooks.

Bryn, Aunt Lillian, Kristin
Carolyn Philips – a special mentor
Corn Maze in Huntsville, Alabama – so fun!
We laughed so hard!
Huntsville, Alabama Space and Rocket Center – Bryn, Kristin, Mardi
Timothy, Jessica, Matthew, Reagan, Sydney
Hungary – our rental car on the street outside of Cathy’s house. We drove it through 9 countries in 8 days.
Brenda and Tracy Lesan in Bratislava, Slovakia
Pizza picnic in the Lesan’s backyard.
Dana, Debbie, and Danielle Cherry by Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Gregg, Debbie, Dana, Kristin with Neuschwanstein Castle in the background
Gregg is eating his gelato faster than Debbie 😉
Happy Man!
Dana, Debbie, and Danielle
When in Switzerland, eat fondue!
Lake Garda, Italy
Figuring out how to pay for parking
Studying the Slovenia map … how we navigated before Google Maps directed us turn-by-turn
Gabor and Lidia (in their home) with Cathy and Erika
Eating apples we picked in Lidia and Gabor’s yard – Gregg, Erika, Lidia, Gabor, Cathy
Erika, Cathy and Matches
Erika always cooking something delicious!
Anita, Cathy, Erika and Gregg in a Budapest restaurant

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