Best Birthday Gift Ever!

3 jam-packed days, 16 lectures, 6 labs, watched demos and tasted samples from 14 different machines, (ice cream, gelato, custard, vegan, batch, soft serve…), 10 samples to evaluate in sensory class, networking with participants, eating more ice cream at The Berkey Creamery on Penn State campus = A dream-come-true best-60th-birthday-gift EVER and one very happy lady walking on Cloud-9.

Thank you, Gregg Friend, you are THE BEST! I love you! ♡

To those who have been following my reminiscing, I apologize for leaving you in the lerch. I hope to resume posting tomorrow (Monday.)

Lab time
My favorite machine!
Waiting for the chocolate to harden before starting it back up.
Just drop a package of Oreos in there, too.
This is soft serve custard with a peanut butter flavoring on the swirls and in the center. I am not a fan, but it was interesting.
Tasting ProGel flavoring samples. I went in thinking it would taste artificial or gross. I was shocked to find I really like their flavorings. Using the peach along with real fruit would make the flavor pop.
Looking down on the lab floor.
The Creamery!
Pennsylvania has three different ice cream trails you can follow and earn prizes by visiting certain ice cream shops.

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