1987 – Lord…Please Bring the Spring

Please Bring the Spring
by Kristin Emily Abell
March 9, 1987

Barren trees.
Cloudy sky.
Cold, biting wind
blowing dead leaves.
Sky getting darker.
Raindrops splashing.
Wind howling.

When will the breeze be warm and gentle?
When will the trees bud bright green?
When will the sun shine and brighten up the world?
When will the clouds make dancing shapes for
guessing against a beautiful blue sky?

We must live through the horrid winter to get to spring.
The few unseasonable days are added as a
promise and reminder of what is to come.

We know the spring will come…
Maybe sooner, maybe later…but it will come.

Will spring ever bud in my heart again?
Will there be true laughter from a joyful soul?
I don’t want to live in winter forever –
It is so hard to wait it out.

My instinct is to escape
into any “spring” that may come along…
dependent relationships,
seeking attention,
overcrowded schedules –
All options for escapes.
But…those bring on winter again –
Colder and more bitter.

Lord, help me to wait rather than escape,
To walk out the healing and growing,
To be patient for Spring.

And Lord, please bring the Spring.