1984…24 Years Old

1984…24 Years Old

My stomach is twisting today; it is difficult to sort through the kaleidoscope of memories. The bright and beautiful pieces mix in with hideous shards that cut into my heart. Peeking into the mixture of memory-glass, a few things stand out.

My attempts to find happiness without God were failing. I had a lot of fun times, but something was missing deep inside. I finally concluded that, unless I was walking towards God rather than away from Him, I would never find the joy I longed for. Sitting in the Home Ec. room, I apologized to God and asked for a do-over. Of course, He welcomed me back with open arms.

During summer vacation, I returned to Florida to be a “Summer Servant” at Park Avenue Baptist Church. The team served through leading the youth summer programs. Additionally, we attended spiritual training and read assigned books. They kept us very busy so it may not have been relaxing but I was rejuvenated by reconnecting with Jesus. Thank you, Eric Ball!

Life in Detroit was getting unbearable for Mom and my little sis. Long distance calls were expensive, snail mail was slow, I was far away…and worried. Dad was swinging between mania and depression, finally being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It is difficult for people in his situation to stay on their meds; mania feels good and is fun. It was crazy making. Mom tried her best to hang in there for years, believing that divorce was not a good option, but she finally moved out for the sake of herself and her daughter. It was heart wrenching, the best of the bad options.

My third year at QHS was my favorite in regard to teaching. The joy and growth from my summer at PABC carried over, giving my attitude a lift. Relationships with faculty friends continued to grow as we encouraged each other and spent time together by camping, boating, visiting each other’s families, vacationing, and enjoying life. I am forever grateful for our friendships!

The American Vocational Association convention was in December. Dad consistently attended so I met up with him in New Orleans. He introduced me to many people. A trip highlight was taking a cooking class from a famous New Orleans chef.

One Reply to “1984…24 Years Old”

  1. Thank you for that feedback! I agree that more details about that moment when I turned back towards God are important and impactful. Unfortunately, those specific memories have not returned to me yet. I hope they do.

    Logistical question: what is your opinion on what to do with wonderful comments like yours? My instinct is to keep them to myself, treasuring them in private. Is there any value in making them public?

    My other friend, Kim, posted feedback a few days ago. We are personal friends from St Pete and she is an amazing writer when she takes time to blog. She currently lives in Ireland. She started blogging after her husband died and she quit her teaching career and went to Alaska for a while. All that to say, I have her posts marked for automatic approval. So her comments are public. I asked her if she wanted me to unapprove it. She hasn’t answered. Thoughts? (NO PRESSURE either way… I’m on the fence. )


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