1964…4 Years Old

1964…4 Years Old

I am so thankful for old photographs, home movies, and family stories. My own memories are few and far between which make these frozen-in-time snippets a telescopic peek into my past. We all observe and remember experiences differently. My reminiscences may not be accurate or align with others’ memories. And yet, it is fun and curious to imperfectly look at my life, jogging my memory in some instances, and being left clueless in others.

Let me “slide into” today’s post. (See what I did there?) I hold several memories from Oklahoma which means they happened in my first five years of life. Our family came home one dark night and the headlights revealed an unwanted guest. A skunk was nosing around in the yard. We chose to not disturb him and waited in the car until he moved on.

While Dad was working on his Master’s Degree, we lived in a small house in Ponca City, Oklahoma. One morning, Mom took Dad to work early in order to have the car during the day. She would only be gone a few minutes so she left Bryn and me sleeping in our beds, convinced that we would never know the difference. I must have heard the car leave. Getting up to investigate, I found no parents at home. I did what any big sister would do – I woke my little sister, got her to join my tearful panic, and we went out on the front porch. The end of the story is fuzzy, but I think the neighbor-lady heard us crying and came over until Mom returned. It is hard to know what children are thinking, but I wonder if this was an early bonding experience for Bryn and me as we faced the unknown together.

While I don’t remember this specific outdoor “doll party,” it makes me smile. I wish this little table and chairs could speak. It could tell of countless picnics, tea parties, meals, crafts, homes, and play…laughter, tears, conversations, and meal-time prayers. I think this was my mother’s table, then her children used it. Bryn’s children grew up using it and now Bryn’s grandchildren are enjoying it. This table holds a rich history of hospitality and special memories. I’m glad it is still in our family.

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  1. You have a great treasury of early photographs. I’m sure they have kept some memories fresh through the years. Btw, today your parents would have been locked away for good for leaving you, you and Bryn would have gone to foster care, you would have been on the 6 o’clock news. How things change!

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