Free Writer’s Webinar Tonight (Monday 9/30)

Do I want to “be a writer?” I have been asking myself this question for almost 15 years. I love Emily P. Freeman’s books so I receive her emails. She is an author and co-founder of an online writers’ support group.

In her May newsletter, she wrote about a free webinar for writers that she was going to teach. I signed up to watch it. The class has good information AND it inspired me to join HopeWriters to see if this “writing thing” is for me.

Hopewriters’ motto was encouraging to me: you don’t have to sell your soul, change your personality, or become a cartoon version of yourself to make it as a writer.
I’m loving this adventure and their huge online library plus the many ways for support are so helpful!

If you are at all thinking about writing, please consider joining the free class tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. I believe it will be shown via Facebook.

As with most webinars, if you can’t make it tonight at that time but you still sign up, they will send a link to watch the webinar later. In addition to writing tips, yes, they will tell you how to join Hopewriters, but there is no obligation.

Just click the link below for more information and to sign up:

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